Monday, March 6, 2017

To Pay Less for Wireless: Pay Attention

This is a Tale of Two Teenagers.  One is in my family, one is in my sister's family.  We'll call them "He" and "She."  Both of them spend lots of time on Snapchat, Instagram and who knows what else on their smartphones.  They both use over 20 GB of bandwidth per month.  His parents are paying $10 per month, Her parents are paying over $70 per month.  What's the difference?

He has parents who won't pay for cellular data since he spends most of this time within range of Wi-Fi. He and his family sat down and looked at how much Talk, Text and Data he needs and found a rock bottom priced plan to fill those needs.  They set rules.  He has a few hundred MB of cellular data in case he needs an important document while having lunch off campus.

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She has parents who aren't paying attention.  She also spends most of her day within Wi-Fi coverage although She also uses quite a bit of Text.  She could have a fixed amount of Talk minutes and Unlimited Texts along with a little cellular data for less than $15 per month.  Part of the difference is that without turning off cellular data, she uses about 6GB of paid data per month.  She's not paying attention.  Her family had to subscribe to a larger family plan to cover mostly her usage.  They would also be wise to look into a new Unlimited plan.

While researching plans and carriers for our 4Net Wireless site, we found lots of people who knew about cheaper plans, but didn't know how to set rules. Even though we provide tools for wireless users to cut their cellular cost substantially, someone needs to pay pay less.

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