Thursday, March 2, 2017

When FREE Isn't Cheap Enough

As part of our "Cheapest Wireless Plans project", we were putting the finishing touches on our new "Cheapest Plan" web site at 4Net Wireless.  The argument was which plan was the cheapest on the Sprint network?  One of us said it was Tello's plans that start at $15 for a usable 500 MB of data, but then it was hard to argue that it was any better than FreedomPop's FREE plan for about the same amount of Talk, Text and Data.  The argument was that FreedomPop wasn't a real wireless provider, it was more of a hot spot service.  But they also offer their own phones, and support for Bring Your Own Device.

We hear regularly from the FreedomPop program that they're doing well, are not going bankrupt and even offer more Free promotional features from time to time.  Of course, they have lots of customers who send them some money each month, so not everyone needs Free.

So, the absolute cheapest plan that uses the Sprint network?  How can we argue that FREE isn't cheapest?  Remember, we didn't get paid for this article, but we do have an advertising relationship with FreedomPop, Tello and Sprint.

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