Wednesday, January 17, 2018

ClearTalk Sells Last Piece to Boost

ClearTalk, a scrappy CDMA network that started in small town USA, has been selling off bits and pieces of their network to Sprint over several years.  The last part of ClearTalk, located in Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas has finally been taken over by Sprint and will be integrated with their Boost Mobile product. By the end of February, Cleartalk will disappear and their stores will become Boost Mobile stores.  In the past, that has also meant some stores will close.

Cleartalk's local networks were so small the local store pretty much bragged about how you'll get "nationwide" coverage, which means they expected you to be roaming a significant amount of time on Sprint's network.  ClearTalk phones should work in the future as Boost phones.  We can't find anyone who knows whether or not the ClearTalk network will be integrated into Sprint's network, but we expect them to only keep operating if there isn't a Sprint site in the area.

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