Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Did Your Sprint Half-Off Plan Just Expire?

2 years ago Sprint took chainsaw in hand and cut their competitor's prices in half.  If you took up Sprint's offer, these plans are now expiring and it's time to review your options.  Sprint claims their current plans are competitive but you need to check.  It's possible the plan you get transferred to may not be the best.  Take time to check among Sprint's plans.

If you like your Sprint phone but just want to maintain a rock-bottom price on your plan, you can switch carriers while still using the Sprint network (including some off-network roaming). The 2 carriers we are familiar with that use the Sprint network are Tello and Twigby.  Both offer cheaper plans on the Sprint network with the ability to upgrade your phone now, or later.

Twigby is having their own half-off safe for your first 2 months which gives you a chance to taste their service before eating the whole enchilada.  Tello is offering a double your data promotion that gives you 10 Gb of data as part of their 'build your own' plans. Unfortunately, neither of these 2 carriers are currently offering an Unlimited data plan which got you to where you are today.  By now you'll know how much data you need and that may give you a chance to save some money.

Of course we need to tell you we have a marketing relationship with all these carriers (as we do with  most carriers), but we were not paid for this post.

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