Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Fear No Sprint

Sprint (at least through our portals) has seen a reduced number of signups.  We can only guess it's because of the impending merger with T-Mobile.  You need to think contrarian!  Sprint is offering some great deals right now that will be valid for quite a while after any merger deal is finalized.  Historically, that has meant shrewd buyers have been able to buy into the new network at the old network's reduced price.

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Sprint users already have roaming access to T-Mobile's broadband network and that door will open even further if a deal is approved.  Be aware this applies to real Sprint customers.  If you have Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile or Sprint's own Prepaid, you may get shipped over to Dish Network's new, unknown 5G network, but even that will take years to complete.  In the meantime, Sprint has one of the better 5G networks and that may be the case for the next few years. Have no fear!

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