Friday, April 9, 2021

T-Mobile Wireless Home Internet Updates

 As part of our continuing evaluation of T-Mobile's Wireless Home Internet, we have made the following changes to our original review.

  • T-Mobile has admitted they're having trouble properly connecting to streaming services like Hulu which may explain our sketchy connection to Sling.
  • The households where T-Mobile is encouraging connections are located in areas with low-density wireless usage. If you live in a congested urban area you may be out of luck. If you're in a rural area with T-Mobile 5G coverage, you may be golden
  • Our family gamer played a data-intense game on cable internet and then the same game on the T-Mobile wireless gateway and found the experience similar. Once in a while there was hiccup in play on the T-Mobile gateway, but not enough to keep from enjoying the game.
  • Losing 5G service, which is weaker than the 4G LTE connection, seems to happen from time to time, slowing service.
  • T-Mobile's lack of data caps and price increases have been confirmed.

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