Sunday, May 7, 2023

Reviewers' Choice: The Best Prepaids

After our post about the preference for Independent Prepaids, a few readers asked us to share the criteria for our Mountain Prepaid "Reviewers' Choice". We were tempted to choose just one as our "Choice", but several Prepaids could be 'The Best' for some users, and some of the others could fill our requirements even better. Here's the reasoning for each choice:

Boost Mobile offers service on multiple networks at a low price. They have their own all-5G network in several cities, and beyond that, you will be roaming on AT&T or T-Mobile, providing coverage almost everywhere. You can choose a $25 nearly-Unlimited 30 Gb plan or a $15 plan with 5Gb of data, both of which are throttled to 2G speeds after your data limit, which is a good thing.

Tello is one of the best bargain-basement Prepaids. Use their handy online selector to get just the right amount of Talk, Text and/or Data and cut your price to the bone. If the $5 plan doesn't work for you, maybe the $6 plan will. It's that flexible.

Twigby is one of the lowest-cost Prepaids that uses the Verizon network, but not owned by Verizon. Their $20 plan provides a large 4Gb Data bucket and includes a 3-month half-price introductory price and FREE SIM. WiFi Calling also makes Twigby a great value.

US Mobile has several benefits. First, they are one of the only prepaids that offer included roaming in over 100 countries. Next, they offer service on more than one network in the US, and third, competitive prices and promotions.

Simple Mobile is the one Prepaid from the major carriers that makes our "Reviewer's Choice" as one of the best values among the Big 3. Prices start around $25 which gets you a bunch of features and at least 3GB of Data. Plans included FREE calling to 69 countries, a credit of $10 or $20 per month to call 100 more. Some Simple Mobile phones use the T-Mobile network but we expect them to eventually use the Verizon network.

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