Wednesday, July 26, 2023

AT&T Adds a New Wireless Home Internet


AT&T has entered the Wireless Home Internet competition with "AT&T Internet Air". AT&T has finally joined T-Mobile and Verizon with a new 5G Wireless unit (we can't call it a box!) but it's coming with a slow rollout. AT&T is first offering the service to their wired internet customers. The idea is that current users will get a better and faster internet experience, and AT&T gets to stop supporting all those wires. 

For $55 per month, which may be more or less than what you're paying now, it should improve service for those AT&T customers who are limited to those slow DSL internet connections. Downloads speeds are expected to be 100 Gb+. In those areas of the country where AT&T provides wired internet access, there may also be room for new Wireless Internet customers.  So, if you or your neighbors get AT&T Internet at home, you may be able to switch today. Hopefully, they will offer it to the rest of the country when they can finally make enough 'boxes'.

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