Friday, July 7, 2023

Prepaids that Are Giving Us More Data

A few months ago we created a Prepaid Price Chart. It looks like we missed the mark by keeping track of the cheapest Prepaid plans instead of plans that most of us can use. So we increased the Data threshold to 5Gb, and the price to less than $30. We found that the average wireless customer uses from 5 to 8Gb of monthly Data, and there is no problem finding Prepaid plans with that much Data at a reasonable price. It was surprising to find 2 plans with 25Gb of Data and 1 with 30Gb of data for under $30!

We looked at dozens of Prepaid wireless offers to settle on about 10 plans that will satisfy the needs of most users who are moving from expensive 'regular' plans to budget plans. Our price review eliminated several carriers that claim to be "low-cost", but aren't really. A few high points are from Boost Mobile who offers a great combination of Data and features starting at $15, and US Mobile who offers price points at $15, $20, $25 and $30. Remember, each of the plans shown have 'Unlimited' Talk, Text and Data, with the difference being the amount of High-Speed Data included.

We still show a few low-priced plans ($10!) for those of us who may be within range of free Wi-Fi most of the time and only need 1 Gb of Data. Visit our new Prepaid Price Chart and keep it real.

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