Monday, December 3, 2007

AT&T to Buy Edge Wireless

Once again we're saddened to see another good network go away. Edge Wireless offers service in parts of the interior Pacific Northwest. AT&T provided the spectrum for the guys at Edge to start a network to service all their favorite fishing spots, and ended up with a really good network. While Edge customers will probably get some better features with AT&T as their provider, they may never see customer service as good, and so many new cell sites added so fast.

Since the network was originally carved out of AT&T channels, it certainly wasn't an unexpected development. Edge called themselves "An AT&T Affiliate." It does mean a much better selection of phones, but Edge still sells a variation of the "bag phone." Get yours while you can.

There may be many users who will be thrilled at AT&T being their new provider. Let's put the homogenization of the wireless landscape aside. It's unfortunate that an Oregon company will be no longer supplying service to Oregon (and 3 surrounding states).

As is our custom, we posted Edge's coverage maps on our web site in case they should suddenly disappear and get absorbed into AT&T's maps, which are improving. Let's hope the Edge guys have their favorite fishing spots already covered!

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Anonymous said...

Our fishing and 4x4 spots are covered good enough to suit our own needs