Monday, December 3, 2007

Have You Seen the New Phones?

The holiday season is here, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday already behind us. Most of us are happy with our relatively new, albeit limited, phones. This is a good time to venture forth to see what the new handsets have to offer. The stores may be busy, but they also have extra help.

Internet access is now the norm instead of the exception, and data plans are currently cheaper than you'd think. The iPhone got the ball rolling at a higher speed, and most carriers have something to compete with it, although with varying degrees of success. Feel free to stay with your old phone, but as the technology changes, it doesn't cost anything to get updated at your wireless store.

The evolution of the iPhone brings to mind it's ultimate limitation: the AT&T network. The number one iPhone complaint is about coverage, or expense of necessary roaming. We'll be watching to see if that continues to be the complaint as the phone gets rolled out in Europe. We think not. AT&T still suffers from coverage limitations, however we admit the problems are greater as you travel more toward the west. In some areas, AT&T is the best, in others they have no spectrum, and in still others, the competition has a big head start.

The introduction of new styles of phones will slowly change the rules, and hopefully, the carriers will keep up. It gonna fun for you & I to keep up, too. Get out and press some buttons.

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