Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Web Site Updates

We just updated our Reviews of all cellular carriers, mostly looking at anything not updated since the first of 2007. We discovered a few surprises including four more systems that are being/were purchased by others. Some plans are now more expensive and some Unlimited plans now include fewer features, going against the trends we were expecting. There were almost a dozen systems that haven't changed much in three still has no web page.

Many smaller carriers are offering a better selection of phones, but others still have no data service other than Text Messaging. We wish we could report better coverage maps, but many companies are now just showing a completely colored-in map of the US for coverage, which we know is not accurate. We have a few maps from these carriers on our Map Page.

The next time you check the reviews for carriers in your state, make sure we have accurate information on your favorite carrier, and if not, let us know.

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