Tuesday, February 5, 2008

How Do We Take a Road Trip?

One of the things we do at Mountain Wireless is review cellular service by using it in different places, and one of the best ways to do that is by taking one of our road trips. While we have already applied our roaming experiences to our carrier reviews, we have always wanted to post the actual mile-by-mile experience of those trips to assist travelers making a similar trek across the cellular frontier.

Our difficulty lies in how to report these trips. Should we share our experiences as mileposts along the highways, or just selected details? Should those details be just the bad zones and roaming surprises, or the good news as well? We have started a "Road Trip" page several times and stopped because the best format to share these trips eludes us.

We have a file of our accumulated Road Trip experiences, as well those found in newsgroups and cellular forums, ready to publish. Two methods are shown on our Road Trips page: one is an "Outline" of high & low points, and the other is a "Story" of our trips. Only readers of this Blog are allowed a preview of these pages, and we hope you will take the time to comment. You may want to submit a road trip of your own. Most important of all, tell us whether we should even bother with this project.

We have added about one new web page a week to MountainWireless.com. Some pages gather lots of fans (like The End of Analog), while others get no interest (like How Wireless 911 Works). It's a good thing we like to write this stuff, there's still a lot of internet space to fill up!

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