Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Unlimited Plans Update

We hate to stick to one subject too long, but the psychology of the new Unlimited plans is having some interesting effects. After reviewing several forums and emails, we are getting a profile the kind of customer is, or is thinking of, switching to an Unlimited plan.

Many people whose plans are close to, but still below, the $100 price point, are switching just so they no longer need to worry about going over their minutes. You guys make the carriers very happy, but you're gaining piece of mind. The obvious group, those are paying more than $100, are signing up, but not in as big numbers as you'd expect. But if those users need thousands of minutes, they are way too busy to worry about changing their cell plan right now.

The next group are those who have been waiting on the fence to yank out their wired phone. Carriers like Cricket and Metro PCS may have already given them the option, but when a major carrier like Verizon Wireless or AT&T makes the offer, off they go. Then there are the people who have been creative and who may already be using some kind of Unlimited minutes for a baby monitor, an always-connected car-to-car communicator, or mobile conference calls.

Another group who may be affected by these plans are the smaller cellular carriers who may rack up a large number of roaming charges to the major carriers, either increasing the pressure for the top tier carriers to buy out these roaming partners, or worse, start limiting Unlimited plans while roaming. Neither of these results are a good thing. Talk responsibly, folks.

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