Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sprint/Nextel Joins the All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

Sprint finally came to the dance, hopefully not too late to enjoy the party. Today they announced their own flavor of Unlimited, also at the $99.99 price level. They had a choice between under pricing everyone else, or they could just throw in the kitchen sink and offer everything for that Unlimited price.

Wisely, they have chosen the latter and include all their services in their Unlimited package, truly offering something better than the competition. This diverts an all-out price war, which, we feel, may have caused a fallout of a carrier or two, most likely Sprint/Nextel. They are also offering a slightly cheaper Unlimited variation: for $90 you get all of their goodies minus the Mobile Internet features. Will this spark some price competition?

Like most other carriers, Sprint will let you switch to their Unlimited plans without extending your contract. Most carriers also offer a form of Unlimited for Family plans, but those start closer to $200. This was probably a necessary move no matter how much Sprint thought, "our plans are already generous, we don't need Unlimited." They do. Although most of us don't. Let us just sit in the stands and watch the game and see if this has any effect on wireless pricing for the rest of us. We're still tracking the Unlimited offerings on our Unlimited Plans Comparison page.

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