Friday, March 21, 2008

700 MHz Auction Winner Maps

Now that the FCC 700 MHz wireless auction is over, we have the results posted in map form on our associated map site, Cellular Map Source. Since Alltel didn't win a single market, we fear those carriers who are currently paying Alltel roaming fess will no longer need to do so once they get their own rural networks up and running. Of course this is not news since AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless already landed spectrum at 1700 MHz. But with some carriers winning at 700 MHz, Alltel loses their advantage.

On the positive side, it was encouraging to see US Cellular land several licenses in markets adjacent to their existing areas. This hints of some very thoughtful expansion. While they won't be going "national" with their new assignments, they will be able to expand out from their existing markets.

We haven't heard the final word on these assignments. We expect some horse trading between now and when the first new wireless assignments hit the airwaves, so let's hope our favorite small carriers get some space in the sandbox, too.

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