Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Analog Sunset Update

We waited until analog cellular (and TDMA) disappeared in our market before commenting on the analog switchoff. I am surprised there aren't more problems. We have been scanning forums and Usenet for anecdotal incidents.

Some OnStar users say the green light on their analog-only units went out some time ago (December 31st?) so there are no surprises now. A handful of people noted there is no AT&T service at their location, but I suspect they are TDMA users, not analog. A couple of Verizon Wireless users posted they are suddenly getting roaming charges where there were none before, but this may not be related. Calls to AT&T and Verizon, both top- and bottom-tier employees, report very few complaints.

So, 2 weeks after the analog and TDMA sunset, the problems seem to be few. And some problems are not necessarily related to a loss of signal. This transition will be ongoing since some carriers, like Alltel, will be turning off analog and TDMA in stages, and some not all. Many of these incidents will be hard to track since the complaint would be, "my phone doesn't work," and that may have many other causes. But I'm not tossing out my 'tri-mode' phones just yet.


Anonymous said...

Verizon shut down their analog network in my neighborhood yesterday morning, and my local Cell One provider has started shutting down their network with a final shut down date at the end of the month. Good buy old friend. Though most of the world has long forgotten about you there are those of us who know without you we wouldn't have what we have today. May you rest in peace.

Unknown said...

I've been sort of watching for the change here in Eugene OR. Your article prompted me to test. Yep, both the A and B sides are off.


Anonymous said...

As of yesterday afternoon at 5PM CellularONE shut off the last of their analog towers leaving analog on both the A and B channels in San Luis Obispo county dead. With this there is now no analog at all from San Francisco to LA