Monday, March 31, 2008

A Bright Spot for Nextel: Ole!

Our experiences with cellular in Mexico recently produced one positive surprise: Nextel of Mexico, very different from its Sprint-owned counterpart, seems to be doing well, thank you. Nextel Coverage in Mexico is expanding rapidly and works very well, especially in the interior of the country. What caught our attention was their recent introduction in some of the coastal resorts, and how well they have been received.

Nextel of Mexico uses the same iDEN technology, but Mexico users like it for the strengths that Sprint seems to downplay in the US. "Direct Connect" works very well, even nationwide, and it attracts serious business users. Although we were not big fans of Nextel, mainly because of early audio limitations, we have a new respect for what they were here, and how much damage Sprint has done to the product. While Sprint may be a potential takeover candidate, we're hoping they'll just spin off Nextel and allow it to be all it can be.

It was experience in Mexico that caused us to dig deeper into how useful US-based Nextel phones can be in Mexico, and found that Sprint hasn't updated the Nextel roaming map in years. We have added positive comments about Nextel service on our Mexico Roaming Page, and Scott has posted their current Mexico Coverage Map in comparison to the other cellular carriers in Mexico. Viva El Nextel!

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