Wednesday, July 2, 2008

T-Mobile Raises Text Rates

It really isn't big news that T-mobile has raised their a la cart texting rates to .20 each, however, when a carrier makes a substantial change like this, you normally can get out of your contract, free. While it depends on your specific terms of service, most wireless contracts are legally invalidated by a "substantial change" like this. You should have about 30 days to tell them you want out, or you are assumed to have accepted the new terms. While T-Mobile joins all the other carriers in raising texting fees, they also join the others as they are just now starting to pro-rate their Early Termination Fee.

Texting bundle prices will remain the same, so for those of us who use less texting, it may be worthwhile to consider adding Unlimited texting to our packages. It's almost sad to see what has been one of the more consumer-friendly carriers (they often win the JD Powers satisfaction surveys) do like the others, but a carrier has to eat, right?

Oddly, with this "get out of jail free" card, we don't know of of any T-Mobile customers who want to leave. There's no hope for a satisfied customer, is there?


Anonymous said...

T-Mobile is smarter in their roll out of the rate hike as they like always wait until they are the last ones to do it.

I haven't really heard of anyone I know leaving them for this but I swear a majority of the Sprint people I know left as if they were the titanic on a downward coarse.

Oz Andrews said...

In that way, T-Mobile is brilliant. They let the big boys raise the rates, then T-Mobile raises theirs after all the screaming has stopped. They still get the revenue but still give the impression of being more 'consumer-friendly'. I won't leave them any time soon, either.