Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The RAZR is Still King

We have used a number of Motorola phones over the years, but never a RAZR. I see them in the hands of people from all walks of life. I just thought that a large part of the population looked at the upper-crust and early adopters with envy, and when the price of the RAZR dropped to free, the masses were ready to jump on board.

Well, it turns out, according to the NPD Group, the RAZR is still the #1 selling phone in the US. We agree it's a nice phone, but it's just too BIG. When Motorola released the KRZR, I thought they had perfected the RAZR with a phone that was just the right size...thin and not too wide. My wife chose one in hot red. I watched her cling lovingly to her KRZR and I decided it would be my next choice when my contract came up. Well, they stopped selling the KRZR before I had the chance.

While Motorola has since come out with phones similar to the KRZR, the RAZR just keeps humming along, the V3 model being the most popular. But it's so BIG. My wife had a year or two of "my phone's smaller than yours" among her students who all seemed to have RAZR's. However, they must not have had KRZR-envy because most of them upgraded to the iPhone. So at least now she can say, "my phone's MUCH smaller than yours". They reply, "yeah, but..." But then it's too late. Gotta go.

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