Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Revisiting the RAZR

It depends on who you talk to, right? We recently reported that the Motorola RAZR phone was still on top of the cellular phone sales charts, only to find subsequent reports show that model missing from other lists entirely. A study from Avian Research, shows that not only is the RAZR not in the top 10, all but 2 phones in that category are "smart" phones, in other words, phones that have more than the normal 12 to 16-button keyboard.

The top of that list is the Blackberry Curve which has a substantial lead over the next place occupant, the Apple iPhone. While these PDA-type phones hold less than 20% of the US handset market, it looks like they are gaining fast. We may be living in a wrong-sized world, but we still believe our phones should get smaller and our TV's should get bigger, not the other way around.

The Verizon Juke seems to be the right-sized phone for us right now, however, the keyboard is still quite a challenge. Just maybe, the new G-Phone from T-Mobile could sit in our car console, but in our pocket? No.

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