Monday, October 27, 2008

Web Site Review

A process that started last spring is complete. The Mountain web site got way too large so it has been split into several other sites. Maps went to, the cell site finder went to, PRL's, SID's and MNC's went to, and last week, the "info" parts of our web site went to CellularBack The final goal is to focus Mountain Wireless just on Reviews and Ratings.

Some of these new web sites are operated by us, and some by others. The immediate result has been more detailed and current information available on these sites. For now, most of the pages are interconnected, so addresses that worked before should work in the future, even though they have been moved.

Along the way we made a few mistakes and started web sites that didn't work and we'll just leave them alone until they expire. Also, there are pages that have just plain old been deleted due to lack of interest. A few of our State Review pages have been consolidated along with the consolidation of the cellular carriers themselves.

It would be wise to update your Bookmarks and Favorites if you see your favorite pages appear at a new address. Expect updates and new pages, as soon as tomorrow, and we'll talk about them here and on each site's "What"s New" column. If you lose a page or find an erroneous link, please Let Us Know.

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