Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Yellowstone Wireless Project

The National Park Service (NPS) recently proposed an overhaul of wireless services in Yellowstone National Park. Their 150-page report is a response to those who want more wireless services in the park, and those who want less. Their figures show the former outnumbers the latter, 70% to 30%. The NPS put together 4 choices:
  • Alternative A: Leave everything as it is with 5 cell sites located within the park.
  • Alternative B: Eliminate all cell sites within the park leaving service only available from signals coming from outside park boundaries.
  • Alternative C: A limited increase in wireless services, both cellular and wi-fi and moving some sites out of view.
  • Alternative D: A substantial increase in wireless service, cellular on all main roads and wi-fi in most lodging.

Unfortunately, the comment period on these choices has already expired and no, we didn't get to make our opinion known, either. The NPS prefers Alternative C because with the improvement in wireless services, they will also move some of the cell sites to where they will be less visible. The purists, who are quite vocal, have made it known they only want Alternative B.

While we appreciate the "wild" aspect of Yellowstone, it is treated more like a theme park than a wilderness and we could easily agree to Alternative C, which, barring any extreme support any other way, is the most likely outcome. I really do want them to move that sore thumb cell site at Old Faithful, and if we all can't agree, Alternative A and the status quo wins, wild or not.

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