Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Metro PCS Goes Apples & Beans

Today, Metro PCS announced they are now operating in New York City and Boston. This is a nice competitor to arrive in those cities, which brings the Metro PCS flavor of Unlimited service to some really major markets. They offer service in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Detroit, Miami, Tampa, and Sacramento, and with their coming to The Big Apple and Bean Town, they may have truly "arrived".

With their roaming relationship with Cricket Wireless, Metro PCS now offers a rather substantial Unlimited footprint across the country. It's not National, but it's good. And Cricket's customers also benefit with the availability of Unlimited service in these new Metro PCS markets.

If the two carriers play nice, they stand to gain almost as much as if they actually merged. For now, this relationship holds up as long as the partners sleep in separate beds. If they keep improving like this, somebody's gonna notice. For now, we sure like the idea of Unlimited service across most of these large cities for as little as $30 a month. And you thought it wouldn't happen...

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Anonymous said...

The closest area that has MetroPCS to me is Detroit and the nearest Cricket area is Milwaukee. Cricket is suppose to launch service here in Chicago starting in August and I am excited. For now the only cheap unlimited option in the area is Boost Mobiles IDEN $50.00 unlimited plan. I have had it for 2 weeks and a majority of the time my attempts to make calls are greeted with a network busy error. After surfing around and calling customer care I now see that this issue is network wide and is also causing major headaches for Nextel business customers. I had Cricket when I lived in Little Rock and never had a problem so I look forward to their arrival.