Monday, February 23, 2009

Unlimited at $50

It hasn't been that unusual to get Unlimited cell service at the $50 level. Cricket Wireless and Metro PCS have had plans at $50 and below for some time, and Sprint's Boost Unlimited recently entered the $50 arena utilizing the Nextel network. But now T-Mobile is experimenting with the idea of a $50 Unlimited service. The catch is you need to already be a T-mobile customer for 22 months, and, for the time being, live in San Francisco.

The idea behind this offer must be to retain current T-Mobile customers instead of trying to bring new ones in the door. But if T-Mobile is trying it, the other carriers must be eyeing it. We're surprised it wasn't Sprint who crossed this line before the other Top 4 since they need the help most. They could be hoping the $50 Boost Unlimited offer will pull them out of their tailspin. Or they could be thinking if T-Mobile is confining this to a test market, Sprint could jump out and go National a lot sooner.

Unlimited is good, however, price wars are not. So, while we always try to champion the best deals for customers, we also realize the carriers can't give away the store. So 'right-sizing' plans, by making more plan variations available, is the best course of action. Besides, some of us just don't talk that much.

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