Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another Pay As You Go Convert

I just heard from a reader who decided to try out our suggestion of Going Prepaid to save money. He discovered on our Unlimited Comparison page that AT&T's GoPhone was offering Unlimited calls for $3 a day. He makes lots of calls Monday through Friday, but keeps his phone off on weekends. He converted his expensive AT&T account to GoPhone, and now expects his bills to be no more than $60 to $70 a month...for Unlimited! When he takes a few days off, he keeps the phone off, giving him even more savings.

We believe the carriers would rather you not pay by the day, but competition is forcing their hand. Our reader had reservations about "going prepaid", but when he realized he would have Unlimited minutes and would be paying about half of his old rate, we was an immediate convert.

Instead of describing this as a trend toward Prepaid, we would rather view this as a movement toward paying as you go. And I bet the carriers hate it. Will Verizon Wireless follow with a drop in their Unlimited prepaid (now at $4 a day)? Hopefully, there's a whole lotta shakin' goin' on.

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