Thursday, May 7, 2009

Converting Your Phone To Prepaid

As family finances get tighter, many people are looking at the cost of cellular service. Most users don't want to give it up, but can't find ways to save money, even by switching carriers. We'll help you save potentially big bucks by guiding through the Switch to Prepaid.

The cellular carriers do not want you to pay by the minute, so they throw a lot of obstacles in your way. They make more money by charging you for a fixed number of minutes, even though you never actually use those minutes. Several carriers actually eliminated certain price points so you'll need to pay for the next higher priced plan. Even with AT&T's Rollover, you're still paying for minutes you'll never use. For example, if you have a $60 plan that gives you 900 Anytime minutes, but you only use 500, you can pay just $50 with most prepaid plans, and maybe less, even with some Unlimited plans. Your savings will depend on how close you get to your calling plan threshold.

Think about your time on holidays or vacation when you made few calls. You still paid for those minutes. Or how about the month you went way over your minute allotment. You paid .45 each for extra minutes. It could have been as low as .10 a minute (or nothing with Unlimited).

The easiest method to Convert to Prepaid is to switch with your current carrier. Not all carriers offer Prepaid and many Prepaid plans do not include off-network roaming. We show you the options. Prepaid is becoming more consumer-friendly and is no longer just for the credit-challenged. In tough economic times, if you can only justify spending $20 a month for cellular, you can do it. We'll show you how.

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