Thursday, May 14, 2009

More Cellular One

A little over a year ago we complained when an established cellular carrier in Montana, Chinook Wireless, switched to the old school name Cellular One. We felt it was step backward, especially when there was a previous Cellular One in the area with its own set of baggage. Today we find the Cellular One franchise ball continues to roll. Amerilink Wireless along the Texas/Oklahoma border has also taken up the moniker, as Cellular One of Texoma. We still think this is a step backward, and yes, there was an old Cellular One in this area as well.

Also, Cellular One of Northeast Arizona stopped using the web address, So, while they aren't changing to Cellular One, they stopped moving away from it. Confusing us even more, if you were to access, you are presented with ads and links for T-Mobile and Skype, Cellular One competitors! What were they thinking? I'll tell you: they weren't.

For a phrase that was muttered nonchalantly in 1983, Cellular One lives to preserve cellular history, but as a trade name, we feel it lacks the edge of a hot, new name, like, uh...Cingular?

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