Thursday, January 28, 2010

Carriers: "We're Here to Help"

I received an email from one of the major carriers who claimed "we're here for you" and listed several links to "helpful" pages on their web site. One of the links tells me I can "find the phone and plan that fits your needs." Visiting that page I can only find 3 plans listed, with 450, 900 and Unlimited minutes. What about their less expensive plans, like the $35/350 minute plan, or the $30 Senior plan? What if one of those plans "fits my needs"?

We're not bashing any carrier for showing only selected plans, we are cautioning consumers to either do your homework when selecting plans, or get your data from independent sources. An example is the site dedicated just to comparing Unlimited Wireless Plans, or our own Unlimited Plans Page.

What a concept: 'Buyer Beware.' I'm surprised there aren't more cellular users choosing to Pay-as-you-go. Fortunately, readers in this forum are leading the way there.

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