Wednesday, October 6, 2010

GoPhone's New Secret

AT&T recently lowered the price for daily access for their GoPhone Plans. Now, at $2 per day for Unlimited Talk & Text only on days used, why would anyone subscribe to their $60 per month plan? If you used your phone every single day of the year, you would indeed pay $10 more per year ($12 more in Leap Years), but if you have a few days when you don't Talk/Text/IM/Message/Check Voice Mail, you're going to save money with the pay per day plan.

I hate to say this, but GoPhone has reached phone plan Nirvana where users have a choice between paying monthly, or just for what they use, at no difference in the rate. It doesn't matter that GoPhone charges slightly more per month than other Prepaid offerings, it's that we now have a choice that doesn't penalize us to choose to pay as we go. This pricing puts pressure on all the other Unlimited Pay-Per-Day plans which were formerly dominated by Cricket.

We also like the new GoPhone "Simple Rate Plan" where AT&T now charges only .10 per minute, which is a 60% price decrease from the old .25 per minute plan. Mexico roaming charges remain at .25 per minute for both plans, which is much cheaper than anyone's rate. What's the world coming to?

As far as we can see, coverage, features and access are exactly the same among GoPhone plans. Will other carriers match the AT&T rates? I hate to say this, but, who cares? If we want to get that rate, we'll get GoPhone.

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