Friday, October 8, 2010

It's OK to Be Small

Our self-affirmation thought of the day: It's OK to be's OK to be small. How many times have you looked at someone's iPhone, Blackberry or other smartphone, then at your little flip phone and feel a tinge of envy? I know I have. However, those of us with smaller phones are still within the majority. The entire market for smartphones is still only about 25%.

Let's face it, your smaller phone is probably just as capable at Text and Data usage, it just has fewer keys ( I have several Apps on mine). I know most of us involved at the Cellular Noise have held on to smaller, non-smartphones mainly because we don't want to start paying the increased monthly charge that comes with them. The bigger consideration is we have been wanting smaller phones with each model upgrade, and the availability of smartphones shouldn't change that desire.

We're not anti-smartphone, we're just letting you know it OK to be small...we're in the majority. I have actually been told by friends how they wished they could carry a phone as small as mine, but are forced to the larger form factor either by work requirements or a 2-year contract. My next phone should be smaller. BTW, the Juke should have been the next step, but it was too small!

I know things change. It was really hard to accept a phone without some kind of antenna sticking out of it. I also finally started using the Bluetooth capabilities of my phone after 3 years of not even knowing it had it. But a bigger phone? That's a dream I won't give up.

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William said...

I have a Samsung Juke as a prepaid backup on Verizon, and I bought it for the very reason you listed: it doesn't feel like your toting around a cinder block. I'm actually ok with the small screen and keys, and when I do have to use the phone, I get used to the smaller size quickly. If all I needed was voice and text, i'd consider making it my main phone. When I saw this article, I just had to spill that out =]