Friday, October 29, 2010

US Cellular Covers Bill Shock

We recently noted that US Cellular had drifted up to the top of our Ratings, in part, due to their customer-friendly attitude. They have actually taken another friendly step by actually addressing "Bill Shock", which is a current focus of the FCC.

US Cellular promises your overages won't go beyond a certain point, tied to their previous features of their "Belief Project." We applaud their moves as we have celebrated their ongoing upgrades to an almost all-3G network. Much like we cited Alltel a few years ago, many of us should wish we had US Cellular available in our neighborhood. While they aren't one of the favored "small" carriers we crowed about recently, they certainly have tried to distance themselves from the "Too big to care" players.

Our biggest fear is that we put US Cellular at the top of the ratings and extol their virtues here in The Noise, only to have them gobbled up by another wireless company. That happened to Alltel, however, US Cellular is controlled by "private" owners who want to maintain their membership in the wireless carrier club. Boy, should we be glad they do, whether we live in their neighborhood or not. Yes, we share "The Belief".

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