Friday, December 2, 2011

Get an Employee Discount

We are constantly working on strategies to help wireless users get cheaper cellular service. We discovered one of the most overlooked money-savers is getting a discount based on where you work, go to school, or any organization to which you might belong. To help you find out of you're eligible, we created the Back Door Employee Discounts Page. You can find out if you can get a discount based on any associations you might have. Savings can be as high as 25%. Programs include some combination of phones, service and plans. Often you don't need to change your carrier or your plan and some include other members of your family.

These programs are mainly offered by the largest wireless carriers but there are also some opportunities among smaller carriers including the LifeLine program. In some cases these savings are dramatic if you qualify, but more often you'll find several good ideas on our Cheaper Wireless Service Page which was recently updated with 13 simple ideas on how to save on wireless either with your current carrier, or by changing. Stop overpaying for wireless, especially if it's a simple as changing your plan. A majority of wireless users are reported to be on the wrong plan...but nobody in this group, right?

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