Wednesday, December 21, 2011

T-Mobile Love-Hate

-AT&T wanted to love T-Mobile, but hates that it can't.
-T-Mobile customers will love the new roaming capabilities that are coming.
-T-Mobile's owners love the $3 Billion check that AT&T will be sending them, but may still hate the network enough to look for another buyer.
-Consumers will love the fact that carriers will still have more competition, carriers may hate it.

-Sprint will love that they won't be the next to be gobbled up, but will still hate those "disruptive" plans that T-Mobile comes up with.
-Thousands of T-Mobile employees will love that their jobs are not in immediate jeopardy, especially the girl in the pink dress.
-We love the dozen or so web pages and articles dedicated to T-Mobile that we won't need to delete.

-There's a bunch of lawyers who hate the idea they won't be getting any more of the millions that AT&T was spending to fight for the merger.
-Dish Network, and maybe a few other suitors, love the idea that there now may be a wireless network for them to snuggle up with.
-As we noted a month ago, we think you'll love what's coming next! We would hate to miss it.

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