Monday, May 8, 2017

We Had to Give Back Your States

With so many pages among the Mountain Wireless Cellular Networks (well over 500) we cut back our state review pages because fewer people cared, or seemed to, on such locally-based information.  Then we got a sudden demand for the old pages and found that nobody wanted the new "compact" reviews.

Once upon a time we had a web page dedicated to each state and the cellular carriers that operate in them.  As the carriers consolidated, each state's page began to look like the others.  So we consolidated the state reports into one set of pages, and the actual carrier reports to another.  Suddenly we had readers looking for the entire rundown in their state (or a state where they would be traveling),  not just some generic list.  Our reviews provide some of the only details available for the smallest carriers in the US and it turned out to be a resource still in demand.

I had Scott look in his files for the old reviews but most of them had to be reconstructed.  Some states (like Hawaii) have absolutely no interest, but others, like the Virginias, have quite a bit.  With continuing wireless consolidation, we expect there will be more states looking like Hawaii, but for a couple dozen others they keep on we'll keep reviewing.

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