Friday, May 19, 2017

Wireless with Bravado in Oklahoma

"Bravado" is defined as a swaggering display of courage.  Courage in wireless is required to keep your small carrier competitive, and Bravado Wireless is the new name for Oklahoma's former Sprocket Wireless.  It's great to see a small carrier continue to provide wireless service to their community and a name change confirms that they're committing to the future.  Bravado is part of the Cross Telephone Company who also operates Cross Wireless a few miles down the road.

For some reason, Oklahoma has quite an assortment of independent wireless carriers in a state where Verizon Wireless is not dominant and US Cellular serves one of their largest gaggles of customers.  As a result. we maintain a separate Oklahoma page among the Mountain Wireless Reviews.  Bravado is involved in their community and we applaud their new direction.  The "gear" theme of Sprocket was cool but a name change catches our attention and locals should stand behind them.  Hey, why not change the name of Cross Wireless to Bravado as well?  Too much?

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