Thursday, May 18, 2017

US Cellular Perks Up Prepaid

A month ago we criticized US Cellular for having lousy Prepaid plans which, in turn, gave their current customers no place to go if they wanted to get a better wireless value.  Well, a few days later Randy and Deanna emailed me to share their new Prepaid plans!  While they aren't the cheapest, they're very good on a very good network.  First, their plan for your Prepaid "Basic" Phone starts at $25/month.  Next, their new Prepaid smartphone plans start at $35/month!  They also have a Prepaid "Unlimited" Data plan for $70/month, that automatically shifts to 2GB speeds when the line reaches 22GB.

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We are reminded that a "switch" from somewhere else is implied (does that mean current US Cellular customers can't get this plan?), a New Simple Connect Plan is required, additional restrictions apply, and "while supplies last."  Maybe the lawyers asked them to include all that, but what "supplies" will not last?  Plans? Refills? If they want us to get off the fence they just need to say "available for a limited time," but that may not be the case.  We hope it's not...because we need US Cellular to stay in the hunt.

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