Sunday, February 17, 2008

Verizon Wireless Offers Unlimited Minutes?

Could it be? Is the next round of wireless wars going to be “unlimited” minutes for the major carriers? We found this Verizon Wireless ad for "Unlimited Calling" for $99.99 that briefly appeared in USA Today’s online pages. This appeares to be for individual plans, so don’t expect to bring aboard the whole family…but it’s a trend we like.

The appearance, then disappearance of this ad, makes us wonder. Was it a mistake, or was it a trial balloon that gives Verizon a chance to see if anyone, especially AT&T, would 'match’ the deal? Could be an attempt to see how fast this rumor can permeate through the internet and make Blogs like ours simple pawns in the cellular chess game?

If not, for years in our Reviews and News pages, we have been supporting the notion that all wireless plans will eventually go “unlimited”. At $100, most carriers won’t have that many customers who are paying higher fees drop to the new rate. And they have been adding lots of capacity to their networks to make this sort of plan a reality. Look for Verizon to offer a bunch of other "unlimited" selections, rumored to start on Tuesday, 2/19.

Not being a user of that many minutes, we’ll just sit back and see if the sparks fly. And if we’re being used as a “pawn”, go ahead…it’s your move, guys.

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Anonymous said...

My sister lives in WI where Einstein PCS has been providing $99.00 Unlimited nationwide service for almost 3 years. For the rest of us It's so good to see the unlimited nationwide utopia finally appear at our front doors. Let the unlimited war begin.