Monday, April 21, 2008

The Best Cellular Deal

We've been using it for about it for 2 years, but now we're ready to stick our neck out and recommend one cellular plan above the rest. On our "The Best" page we have chosen T-Mobile To Go as the best overall cellular deal around. Of course it isn't right for everyone, but you only pay for the minutes you use and once you have achieved "Gold Rewards" status, you only need to worry about paying for, or 'refilling', your account once a year.

T-Mobile To Go has almost the same coverage as T-Mobile's regular accounts which is very good, although not necessarily the best, but usually good enough. 'To Go' accounts also include some online access to a handful of select web sites through "T-Zones" which includes free web access to news, sports, weather, games and the like. If a deal comes along that we feel is better, we'll change "The Best" page, but any new offer must also be time-tested. The thing to watch out for is that T-Mobile could change the 'To Go' deal at any time and make it less attractive to value shoppers like us.

The thing that caused us to assign this "Best" status is that T-Mobile recently changed the price on their SIM Activation Kit to just $5, eliminating the need to deal with any eBay sellers of T-Mobile To Go cards. To get familiar with T-Mobile, we have Reviews, Ratings, Coverage Comparisons and Online Discounts.

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