Thursday, April 3, 2008

First Use of AWS Channels is by Cricket

It was just a few days ago Scott and I were throwing together a few maps of the FCC Auction 66 AWS Winners, just in case one of the carriers started using their AWS assignments. Sure enough, about the same time, Cricket Wireless announced a handful of handsets that utilize their AWS (1700/2100 MHz) frequencies. They will be using the new channels and the new handsets with Cricket's rollout in Oklahoma City. OK City is the last of the Top 100 markets to finally be served by Verizon Wireless, and here come those upstarts at Cricket invading town already.

It's great to see the AWS frequencies finally getting used, it's great to see Cricket's flavor (and price) of Unlimited service come to OK City, and it's even greater to the see the 7th largest carrier not only survive, but expand into new markets. Hopefully there will be more new occupants in the AWS bands stirring up dust in other new markets.

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