Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cell Phones On Planes? No!

A few weeks ago the European Union announced that talking on a cellular phone on a commercial aircraft while in the air would be OK in Europe if the airline provided for it. Many Americans looked at that and saw the camel's nose appear under the tent and feared that a yakking passenger talking about their latest cancer surgery would be coming to a crowded airplane seat next to you.

Not in our planes says Congress! Not only is talking on an airplane (while off the ground) a violation of FAA rules, several congressional supporters are taking another step to make it illegal whether the FAA says so or not. It's a good thing our representatives in Washington take regularly-scheduled airlines, or this would fall on deaf ears. They fear in these trying times for fliers, US airlines would seek allowing cellular phones on their planes as long as they get revenue from every call. Internet and email are still safe, just don't hit the keys too loudly.

The House of Representatives bill is called The HANG UP Act and it has little opposition. A few manufacturers say this will hurt US airlines, but nobody is listening. While we are FOR anything that allows expansion of cellular coverage, this is one where Congress is doing the right thing. I have heard one too many calls about personal details I didn't want to know, and corporate doings that nobody should know. What little time I spend in the air is the only chance I get to catch up on my reading. Don't make me come back there and shut you kids up!

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