Thursday, April 10, 2008

An Instant Nationwide Cellular Network!

With brand new spectrum coming online for wireless service of various flavors, we have been alerted to a company that claims they can provide a coast-to-coast service within months. Space Data's "SkySites" can provide seamless, wall-to-wall coverage almost instantly by launching a bunch of balloons carrying micro-sized cell sites. Before you laugh this off, SkySites coverage is already operational and covers large parts of 10 states with just 6 cell sites!

At 700 MHz and the AWS channels, where we begin within a clean slate, this might be at least an interim solution. We would expect an eventual terrestrial network at these new wireless frequencies, but with 30 or 40 balloons, operators can jump start nationwide service, and as the network expands, provide service in places where there was none before.

With a range of 400 miles for each cell, this technology would certainly benefit holders of large national and regional licenses. But can you imagine the holder of one Cellular Market Area license being able to cover it all with just one cell site? Did I mention this far out service is already in operation serving the oil industry in the southwest US? This isn't just a bunch of hot air!

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