Thursday, February 12, 2009

Verizon Supports Telular!

In some areas of the country this is big news, in others it's not even worth a shoulder shrug. Recently, Verizon Wireless announced they will start supporting Telular remote telephone service. Telular has been a provider of a simple plug-in home phone service for areas beyond wireline phone service, or locations where installing wired phone service is prohibitively expensive. Verizon has accepted Telular's equipment under their "open development program".

This announcement should have some rural dwellers jumping up and down with joy. In some areas where residents use Telular units on the Alltel network, customers were more than a little concerned as to whether Verizon Wireless would support this service. Previously they did not. Now they will.

This relates to our recent review of replacing home wired phone services with cellular and broadband alternatives. Telular makes using cellular just like using good old landlines with an RJ-11 phone jack and all. They have been around for some time and it's good to see their units will continue to function as a home phone alternative. More kudos to Verizon, who gets points for supporting rural customers.


Anonymous said...

This is also good news for former Unicel customers who also were using Tellular. Now if only My Circle could have the same luck.

Anonymous said...

Looks like I was wrong about the My Circle luck since as of Sunday Verizon Wireless will have My Circle type service called Friends and Family. Its as if we won the Verizon lottery.