Friday, October 9, 2009

AT&T Unlimited for $60

AT&T has fired another shot in the Unlimited wars as the AT&T GoPhone will offer an Unlimited Talk & Text plan for $60 a month, starting Monday, October 12. There are Unlimited plans at $40 with carriers like MetroPCS and Cricket, and T-Mobile and Boost Mobile compete at the $50 level, with more features. So, at $60 a month, the AT&T plan shouldn't attract that many price-shoppers, unless of course you really want AT&T. Of course this doesn't include the iPhone.

The good news? This move might some carriers might lower their Unlimited prices just to stay in the price-cutting news. The bad news? It may mean that the day MetroPCS and Cricket will merge draws closer, or more disturbing, a few other really small carriers, who had hoped their Unlimited offerings would keep them competitive, will slip out of favor.

We said it here almost 5 years ago when we started this blog, Unlimited is the evolution of wireless, but the price may be too high. We can't afford to lose any more carriers.


Unknown said...

You left out Page Plus @ $40 unlimited

Benjamin A said...

I would also think that this would be a kick to the crotch of those who are committed to a 2 year agreement and paying $100 + for the same thing that is now available month to month for anyone who walks in off the street at at least 40% off. I fully understand competition but how about a bone for those who agreed to be bound. Its moves like this that might make someone just etf out of AT&T and head over to PP or straighttalk

Anonymous said...

And Page Plus offers Verizon/Alltel coverage.
I think that we are actually seeing an evolution in the wireless industry. The rise of the number of prepaid month to month plans offering excellent coverage along with unlimited service at half the cost of the big four signals quite a change.