Monday, October 26, 2009

Why Do You Hide Your Coverage?

“Your network has such great coverage, why do you have such lousy coverage maps?” That was a question we posed to Verizon Wireless just a few years ago, and somebody eventually agreed. Now they’re better, but still not the best.

Recently we asked that same question to a small regional cellular carrier in the Midwest. They have great coverage, but they refuse to show it for “competitive reasons.” I got a great laugh later while visiting one of that network’s competitors and seeing a big wall map showing the coverage and cell sites of all the carriers in the area! So much for hiding coverage from the competition!

We have been trying to convince this regional carrier to show their coverage on their web site, or at least let us post it on They sent us a detailed map, but told us not to post it (then why send it?). When I went to file it, I discovered a 2005 press release with a map heralding the coverage of this same network. It has gotten better since then, but now they hide it. Why? We posted the old map and those from the FCC until this carrier decides to exercise their bragging rights, and if they do, we’ll help them...and even tell you their name! We’re working on it.

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