Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sprint Welcomes Google - We Get Call Forwarding

Sprint has been riding on the open development bandwagon with new invitations to application ideas that will further the use of their network. One such move has opened a useful door to all Sprint users: free Call Forwarding. Until now, Sprint Call Forwarding of all kinds cost us .20 per minute. With the idea that Google Voice voice mail works with existing wireless and wireline numbers, Sprint realized there is a need to make Call Forwarding more user-friendly.

There's still no totally free lunch. "Immediate" Call Forwarding, where you program the forward-to number into your phone and it forwards right away, will still be charged the .20 per minute fee. Beginning in mid-November, "Conditional" Call Forwarding, which forwards if you don't answer or you're talking to another party, will now forward for free. This encourages us to actually use our Sprint phone more as serious business line, or as our only home phone line.

It's great to see Sprint as a leader in this area of development, and not only do we hope it encourages other carriers to follow does Sprint! Yes. They hope that developers create applications that work across all wireless networks. It's one more reason why we need to keep Sprint hangin' in there. 'Now' is good.

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