Tuesday, November 24, 2009

iPhone Holds On

We have been expecting someone to top the iPhone for some time. We have read lots of reviews and have concluded the iPhone from AT&T is still "it". With so many manufacturers trying to create the "iPhone Killer", we would have expected it to have already happened. We even removed the iPhone from our "The Best " page thinking that it had run its course. It's back.

The Droid came the closest, and even tied the iPhone in some reviewers' opinions, but any tie goes in favor of the iPhone with its App Store with hundreds of thousands of useful and fun features. There are indeed a lot of other cool phones available from AT&T and other carriers worthy of our admiration, and there are, indeed, a few reasons to shy away from the iPhone. One of those lowlights is the AT&T network. They really don't have a bad network, they are just victims of the iPhone's success and are trying hard to catch up. In some places, some people have no idea what we're talking about...it's all good. But there are others who are furious that the network isn't as good as their phone.

As AT&T expands with their purchases of Centennial and Alltel Wireless, there are thousands of people who are drooling to get their hands on their own iPhone, and many will be able to jump in with new 3G AT&T coverage. It can't come soon enough.

Tomorrow, we found a reason to overlook the iPhone.

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