Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Why Go 4G?

Even though though customers are leaking out of the Sprint bucket, they are touting their new 4G coverage in some new markets, which gives them the speedier coverage in parts of Dallas, Chicago and North Carolina. To use their new 4G coverage, you need their 3G/4G air card. But how much difference does it make? Sprint released the following comparison:

It looks like roughly 3 to 5 times faster service than what we enjoy with 3G, although they claim "Up to 10x faster." And how many of us actually experience the top download speeds claimed at 3G? We don't think it's enough to save Sprint, but each improvement does make our broadband life a little better.

Sprint provides a great broadband product and they get credit for improving their network. We still think Sprint needs an image overhaul, which could be a whole lot cheaper than all that equipment.

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Faith Baptist Church said...

Depending on the signal (all Clear sites have plenty of capacity at this point) results are between 2 and 15 Mbps down and up to 1 Mbps up. When on Sprint 4G (vs. Clear...same network, different backbone) the upload number can be as high as 5 Mbps. That said, in areas of good coverage the average seems to be 8-10 Mbps on an uncapped-download connection and 1 Mbps up. It's unfortunate that the 2500MHz spectrum used by Clear doesn't propagate all that well...