Friday, November 13, 2009

T-Mobile Drops MyFavs, & Everything Else?

We are big-time online shoppers. We shop all the carrier's web sites to see what kind of experience you will have. Looking at T-Mobile's web site, it's obvious MyFavs is gone, but we can't see any other of their previous plans...only their newest Unlimited offerings ("Even More"). Maybe that's all they sell now. That means their lowest price plan is $50...if you're shopping online. A phone call to T-Mobile sales, (with a 5-minute wait) reveals, yes, they do have other plans, starting as low as $30.

I would hope a carrier's web site would show all products, but in T-Mobile's case, we can't find them. You might. We have taken a number of smaller carriers to task about how uninformative their web presence is, or even worse, that the site just doesn't work. Syringa Wireless of Idaho still has the worst-operating web site because some web designer tried to be way too cute. Revol Wireless went from worst to very good, probably after someone in management actually tried to use the site. And then there are the sites that use silly font colors that are totally unreadable.

But we're into the web, it's what we do. A carrier doesn't need their web site to discourage business, the Marketing department can do that, like when they drop desirable plans. Even our own Discount shopping page needs to go through the carriers' own sites, but at least you enter with a specific goal. Remember the good old days when they just raised prices? Now it's who has the best smoke & mirrors. Please stop blowing smoke up my computer, please.

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Anonymous said...

Strange, I went to and it only took two clicks (one on plans and one on "Go to even more plus plans") to show every plan, starting at $29.99.