Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The iPhone Killer

Yesterday, we maintained the iPhone as the king of the Smarts, however, there is reason to consider other choices this week. Many of us have a Black Friday purchase in mind, and wireless phones are no exception. A prudent shopping plan would be to look at the deals on Friday and if you don't get knocked out then, you might try on Cyber Monday. We're betting the iPhone will not have a ridiculously low Black Friday price, but a number of other models will.

We just looked at a couple of deals available this weekend. First, has the Blackberry Storm 9530 on Verizon Wireless for only a penny. Maybe even better is the Blackberry Storm 2 at Wirefly for 99 cents for Friday only, $10 the rest of the weekend. Other offers at Wirefly include free activation on both Verizon and AT&T phones through Monday. T-Mobile is offering $50 off several phones, and I bet you'll find a bunch more, including the online stores on our Discount Page. But we're not trying to sell you a phone.

We're pointing out that no matter how good the iPhone is, a great price on another good phone can re-define what's "Best". And that not all online deals will be coming Cyber Monday, check on Friday, too. Just open your mind to find "The Best."

BTW, some of us who aren't fully employed are more likely to be shopping at Kohl's, hoping for Black Friday prices on socks. The phone may need to wait.

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